Mike Massaad 

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Michael is an American Actor. Born near the beach in Clearwater, Fl for the first half, He made his way to Cleveland kicking and screaming for fear of the cold weather. 

During this time he first took up professional football with dreams of making it to the NFL playing alongside his idol Drew Brees. The passion for football continued on through college as a walk-on redshirt freshman at the University of Dayton. It was there where he began looking for an alternative career, something just as fulfilling, daring, and exciting. Scouring the internet, he searched, Youtube...How to be come actor? and that's when it started. Skipping class to take acting classes at the Dayton Reparatory Theatre. From there, a small acting school

He went to Spain with aspirations of relating to 

After a stint there, he packed up his car like many other hopefuls and headed to Los Angeles to continue to work on his craft. Since then he's done small theater, and worked on projects big and small.